Israeli prison authority threatened Palestinian prisoners with more oppressive measures, if they go ahead with their plans to start a general and open ended hunger strike on August 15.

The prisons authority warned that if the strike is announced, prisoners will be denied education, support, and the right to watch TV and listen to news.

At the same time, and in an effort to foil the planned strike, Israel announced that 600 Palestinian families will be allowed to visit their jailed relatives. Earlier, the prisons authority announced that 100 prisoners will be released to ease the crowding inside jails.

More than 8000 Palestinian prisoners are planning to start an open ended hunger strike in protest to the devastating living conditions inside Israeli jails and detention centers.

Prisoners demand the right for family visits, easing the crowdness, the right for proper medical treatment, and the right to use public phones.

Prisoners said that Hundreds of prisoners were unable to see their families for more than two years.

The Prisons authority claimed that the planned strike is based on political bases, saying that Hamas prisoners are launching the strike to confirm their leadership inside Israeli jails.