Five activists of Al-Aqsa brigades in Beit Hanoun forced three P. A Ministers to leave Beit Hanoun, after breaking into a conference held in Beit Hanoun Municipality .

The activists broke into a room in Beit Hanoun Municipality , Thursday afternoon, during a conference held by Housing Minister, Abdul-Rahman Hamad, Minister of Agriculture, Ibrahim Abu Al-Naja, and Intisar Al-Wazir, Minister of Social Affairs, were holding a conference after withdrew from the city.

“The officials are now talking about Beit Hanoun, while during the invasion they ran away from the city, residents were killed, homes demolished, and they just ran away and watched”, one of the activists told a local radio station.

The activist added, “our children, women were killed and wounded, homes demolished, streets bulldozed while they [the officials] are riding their fancy cars and carrying millions stolen from the people, they are the top of corruption”.

A resident who was present at the scene said that the minister should leave because “they are part of our misery, part of our problem”.

Governor of the northern areas, Sakhr Bseisi, vice-president of Fattah revolutionary council, was present with the ministers and left the building with them, despite the fact that he is a resident of Beit Hanoun, according to Palestinian Media Center .

Ibrahim Abu Al-Naja, Minister of Agriculture, commented on the event and said, “we were at the conference, and were surprised to an armed masked group attacking the building, we are here to listen to the problems of the people”, he said.