Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who visited the Nitzanim area with Housing Minister Isaac Herzog Tuesday, instructed various government officials to accelerate the work.

‘You must work immediately and quickly,’ Sharon said. ‘Every minute counts. Start working with all your strength.’

Meanwhile, Gush Katif settlers are demanding that the government confiscate land in Nitzanim, increase compensation for evacuees, and delays the pullout until permanent homes are built, effusing to move to temporary housing.

The disagreement between the settlers and the government on these issues is holding up implementation of the Nitzanim plan.

The ministerial committee for disengagement headed by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will convene Wednesday morning to examine progress in the Nitzanim plan and in the installation of temporary housing.

The cabinet rejected settlers’ demands to delay pullout or to place temporary trailers on land slated for their permanent future homes in Nitzan and north Ashkelon.