Palestinian Sources close to the leftist factions said that talks among these factions to form a unified bloc to run in the upcoming Parliament election slated for July 17 are in an advanced stage.

The sources added that the latest meeting was held in Ramallah where 6 left wing factions were present.  Observers described the meeting as positive and the possibility to form the bloc is high.

The factions agreed on a joint program and mechanism, for the elections.

The left in Palestine are worried that the competition between Fatah and Hamas will dominate the elections; therefore they want to try to present a third option for voters.

The factions are also supported by some independent democratic figures in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Fatah is striving to delay the elections, fearing that Hamas will win most of the parliament seats.  Hamas insists that the elections must take place in its scheduled date.

A Palestinian court decided to redo the elections in 51 out of 141 polling stations in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah.  The court decision came after finding irregularities in voter registration lists and ballot boxes.