On Tuesday morning, Israeli soldiers arrested a resident of Bethlehem in the West Bank.

A local source in Bethlehem reported that under covered military units of the Israel army abducted Mahmoud Mohammad Abu Arram, 36, while he was standing in front of his home.

The source stated that the under covered units, pretending to be fixing electricity wires in Wadi Ma’ali in Bethlehem, attacked Mahmoud as he arrived by a taxi to his parents home, while another under covered group composed of five soldiers, pretending to be selling melons pulled their automatic guns closing the street providing cover to a military jeep which speeded to the army and transferred Abu Arram to an unknown location, two other bystanders were arrested.

An Israeli military source claimed that Abu Arram is one of the prominent leaders of al-Aqsa brigades, the military wing of Fatah, and has been wanted to the Israeli security over the last three years.