Friday morning, Israeli soldiers invaded Balata refugee camp, east of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, wounded three residents, and arrested four including one of the wounded residents.

A local source in the camp reported one resident was seriously injured after the soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition fired at a group of residents heading to a mosque in the camp for dawn prayers.

A medical source at al-Ittihad hospital in Nablus, reported that two residents were hospitalized, one with serious injuries; while the third resident was abducted by the army, and apparently transferred to Huwwara military camp, near Nablus.

The residents were identified as Samer Nidal Issa, who was seriously injured and attacked by military dogs, and transferred to Huwwara military camp, Jamal Mit’ib al-Teerawi, sustained a gunshot injury in his pelvis, and Iz Ed-Deen Hamdan, sustained fragmentations in his shoulder.

Also, soldiers broke into dozens of homes in the camp, conducted military searches and arrested Yahia Araishy, Mahmoud Ishtewi, and Mohammad Maseemy, damage reported.

Army withdrew from the camp on Friday at dawn after exchanging fire with a resistance group.