Musheer Al-Masri, Spoekesman of HamasSpokesman of the Islamic Resistance movement Hamas, Musheer Al-Masri said on Monday that the movement did not receive letters from the United States Administration and the government of the United Kingdom to start talks.

Al-Masri said however that Hamas is open for talks with everybody except with "the Israeli occupation," adding that the relation between Hamas and the world is a relation of peace except for the "unjust occupation to the Palestinian land and its daily aggression against the Palestinian People."

Al-Masri also described the American administration as the other face of the occupation.

"Its [U.S. Administration] stances are extremely Zionist; therefore, there have been no meetings between Hamas and American or British officials," said Al-Masri. "What happened was only a meeting with Hezbollah and some European and American academics in Beirut."

He accused that some people try to distort the image of Hamas especially after what he described the "strong showing of Hamas in the Palestinian street lately, for its role in defending the Palestinian people and their rights."