The Central Election Committee responsible for organizing the Legislative elections held a meeting to discuss chances of holding the elections on time in light of the changes on the election law approved by the Palestinian Legislative Council few days ago.

The committee concluded that it is almost impossible to hold elections on time for logistical and legal reasons.

Changes on the election law would need the committee two more months from the current date of the elections that was set for July 17, to prepare for the new elections.

The committee welcomed the decision of the PLC to cancel the "civil registrar" and only count those who registered for the elections as eligible voters.

The committee, who is holding a new round of registration, said there are 110 thousands new registered voters which brought the total number of registered voters to 1.25 millions.

The committee stated that there is a need for a presidential decree to cancel the old election date and call for a new date for them to be able to hold the election in a new date. At the same time, the committee expressed readiness to hold election in its scheduled time based on the current election law.