The high committee for local Palestinian elections declared on Monday that the elections in disputed areas will be repeated on May 31, Palestinian sources reported.

According to a court ruling, the elections will be repeated in some polling stations in Rafah, Beit Lahia, Al-Bureij and Seneria in the Gaza Strip, for finding irregularities in the election process.

Hamas on the other hand, declared that it is studying the option to boycott these repeat elections. Hamas objected to the court rulings saying that the elections in the mentioned areas went fine without disturbances.

The areas where elections will be repeated are mostly won by Hamas in the second round of local elections held on May 5.

Hamas said, it might boycott future election stages if the Palestinian Authority do not guarantee that Fatah "do not re-override election law."

Committee-man Jamal Al-Shobaki said the committee respects the law and is committed to implement it. He also called the Palestinian factions and the candidates to respect the court ruling.

Shobaki said the committee will have a special session to evaluate the second stage of the elections and to make use of the notes provided by the local observers calling them to take their role in this repeat as well.