Ahead of his visit, to start on Thursday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas complained Tuesday about ’Israel’s incitement against him and its lack of cooperation with the Palestinian Authority, saying he sees “no reason for optimism.”

“The Israelis do not show any understanding to our positions and situation,” he said, “they are making matters difficult with the decision to put the handover of Palestinian towns on hold.” He added.

Expressing concerns over the lack of action to advance the diplomatic process, Abbas said he would seek American commitment to launching the road map peace process, and would ask President George Bush to not make pledges to at the expense of final status agreement.


“I’ll ask the president to express a position that is practically committed to the road map and I’ll ask him not to make pledges at the expense of issues to be discussed ahead of a final- status agreement,” Abbas said.

Abbas complained of Israeli continued incitement and “provocations.”


“The Israeli campaign against me has not ceased since I was elected as PA President,” he said. “Despite the calm, the Israeli government continues with the targeted killings, arrests, and acts of provocation.” He added.

Abbas said he is surprised that incitement against him comes more from the highest government echelons, than from the extreme right wing fringes, noting that Palestinian officials have refrained from inciting against the same Israeli officials who are leading the incitement campaign against him.

“Even though the current situation does not give reason for optimism, we must not lose our optimism and the hope and continue in our efforts,” Abbas concluded.