Tuesday morning, Israeli soldiers leveled a home, and three big constructions used as a farm, seed storage and electricity generators, in the village of Ithna, south of Hebron.
The WAFA news agency reported that huge military bulldozers leveled the constructions after claiming that they are close to the Separation Wall, west of the village.

The agency stated that soldiers leveled a home and two constructions used for agricultural purposes and storage which belong Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Fattah Tmeizy and Wajeeh al-Jeyawe, in addition to leveling a livestock farm which belongs to Mahmoud Shihada al- Jeyawe.

Mahmoud Al-Jeyawe said that those military bulldozers leveled his farm used to raise Cows, and leveled constructions used a refrigerator basements and milking machines, in addition to several buildings used for storage proposes, the total size of the leveled constructions is 800 square meters.

Abdul-Fattah Tmeizy said that his home was 60 square meters, and used by 25 family members, and that the livestock farm was 700 square meters.

Tmeizy did not receive any warning from the army of intentions to level his constructions which were built more than 15 years ago.

Soldiers also leveled a seed storage building, electricity generators building, and a fence surrounding the area.

The residents of Ithna appealed the Palestinian Authority and humanitarian organizations to interfere and stop the military attacks against them and their properties, and expressed fears that such attacks and leveling of constructions will resume in preparation to grab the lands in order to construct the Separation Wall.

Israeli soldiers intend to level other agricultural compounds in the area which belong to Mohammad al-Batran, his son Ibrahim, Mustafa Thieb al-Batran and son Thieb.