Following last week meetings with Israeli officials, representatives of the World bank visited Erez industrial zone at the northern borders of the Gaza Strip on Thursday.

Israel started efforts last week to attract international bodies to help in the implementation of the unilateral disengagement plan.

An Israeli team headed by Israeli National Security Council chief Gior Ilan met with representatives of the World Bank in order to advance the economical side of the disengagement plan.

Both sides agreed to form joint working teams to examine the various economical aspects of Gaza withdrawal, and agreed on 2008 to be the year in which Palestinian workers will permanently stop crossing into Israel.

The World Bank is expected to administrate Erez industrial zone in the aftermath of the intended Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Erez industrial zone contains dozens of Israeli factories, which employ a few thousand Palestinian workers.

The World Bank is also expected to supervise the transfer of settler-‘ built green houses to Palestinians.

The disengagement plan calls for the evacuation of all Gaza Strip settlements and four isolated West Bank ones.

Israel intends to destroy houses and constructions in settlements prior to withdrawal, but to keep the infrastructure intact.

The Israeli cabinet approved the completion of the Gaza withdrawal by the end of the year 2005.