Israeli soldiers resumed their operations and invasions in the Palestinian territories killing four residents, and injuring 25 others over the last week.

A report prepared and published by the Information Center revealed that 347 violations to the truce were reported, including 57 shooting incidents against civilians, causing four deaths and 25 injuries.

27 invasions were conducted, and 57 arrests were made.

Also, soldiers closed roads and Separation Wall gates 113 times, and installed 52 portable checkpoints.

Israeli soldiers and settlers bulldozed and uprooted family orchards, especially lands planted with Olive trees, seven times over the last week, causing considerable losses.

19 attacks were conducted by the settlers against the Palestinian homes and residents in several Palestinian areas, soldiers broke into dozens of homes, detained residents and interrogated them after forcing them out of their homes, or after stopping them on military check posts.

Attacks against school students significantly increased in several Palestinian areas.

Soldiers stopped a school bus near the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia on Thursday, forced the children out of the bus, punched and clubbed several students; at least five children were injured.

Similar violations conducted by settlers and soldiers were reported in Hebron, Nablus and other Palestinian areas.

Construction of the Separation Wall continued in several Palestinian areas, more lands were grabbed; Israeli authorities announced intentions to grab more family orchards in the West Bank.

Checkpoints and crossings were repeatedly closed, border crossings were blocked barring the residents from leaving or entering the country.