Friday morning, Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Beit Liqya, south of Ramallah, and arrested eight residents.

A local source in the village reported that soldiers, supported by armored vehicles, invaded the village, broke into dozens of homes and conducted military searches.

The source stated that soldiers arrested Ala’ Sameer, 18, Haiman ‘Aassy, 20, Fawzi Mafaja, 35, Sa’id ‘Aassy, 33, Hammad ‘Aassy, 32, Handal Mafarja, 21, Jasim ‘Aassy, 20, and Najeeb Mafarja, 21 years old.

Two weeks ago, Israeli soldiers invaded the village and fired at children playing in a play ground; two were killed.

Also, soldiers annexed farmlands from the village in order to widen settlements and construct sections of the Separation Wall.