Video footage broadcast Friday on Israeli TV showed soldiers breaking into a Palestinian home in the Hebron area and taking over the TV room in order to watch a soccer match earlier this week.

The footage showed damage in the home, broken windows and furniture after the soldiers seized the TV room.

The incident took place on Wednesday as the soldiers broke into a home and watched the Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool.

The family reported that five soldiers broke into their home to view the match, but did not stay in the home for a long time.

A senior Israeli military source reported that the commander of the unit was suspended after the incident was revealed.

Anan al-Zrayer, a teenager from Hebron, said that he was walking down the street when the soldiers stopped him and asked him if his family has a TV set and a satellite dish.

“I said yes, but we don’t have Israeli channels, and after they entered our home I gave them the remote control and they carried out a search after kicking us out into another room”, Anan said.

A Hebron resident told channel 10 that this is not the first time that soldiers had taken over Palestinian homes in Hebron to watch TV.

The resident added that about two weeks ago eleven soldiers broke into his home and stayed for the whole night watching TV.