Soldiers wounded seventeen Palestinian and foreign peace activists Wednesday evening in the village of Ya’bod, south of Jenin and in the north of the West Bank, during a protest against military roadblocks in the area.

Media spokeswoman of the International Solidarity Movement said that the movement participated in the peaceful procession in order to protest the closing of the main road and the military policy of closures and sieges.

She added that soldiers hurled gas bombs and concussion grenades at the protestors causing 17 injuries. Among the wounded, seven are ISM activists.

Three were hospitalized, while four others received field medical treatment and first aid.

The wounded International activists are American, Swedish and Irish.

The spokeswoman said that the activists came in order to protest the military assaults and invasions and the construction of the Separation Wall in the West Bank.

The army claimed that the protestors hurled stones at the soldiers, and that only then did soldiers responded with tear gas and sound bombs.

In several previous demonstrations, doctors have confirmed that symptoms indicate that nerve gas was used against the demonstrators as some of the wounded suffered from sever choking and stiff arm and leg muscles.

The army has attacked peaceful protests in the West Bank on several occasions injuring and sometimes even killing international and local activists.

The army has even fired at protesters knowing that Israeli peace activists were among crowd.