Palestinian and Israeli commentators are still busy analyzing every single word that U.S. President George Bush spelled out during his press conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Washington last week.

“It contradicts the letter of assurances handed to Israeli Prime minister Ariel Sharon”, “No it doesn’t”, “he made a specific reference to Jerusalem settlements, first time ever, this is very significant”, “not at all, remember he did not made any promise in writing”, he stressed on contiguity within the West Bank and a reasonable link with the Gaza Strip”, “yes, but contiguity is possible to provide through a road, a tunnel, or even a train link” and the discussion continues…..

PA officials believe Abbas’s Washington visit was significant and signals a change in the U.S. stand, predicting a more active U.S. involvement in the Palestinian-Israeli crisis.

Israeli officials are busy encountering arguments over a possible change in the U.S. Middle East policies, saying the U.S. continue to be committed to its bilateral agreements with Israel.

Hey folks, I bet you that by now Mr. President doesn’t remember what “Mr. President” said during the press conference. You will be lucky if his script writer keeps an archive copy of his speech.

Have a rest and look around you, count how many were killed, wounded, or arrested in the past two days. Keep an eye on the close to collapsing unofficial truce, and examine carefully whether you are genuinely interested in peace or in more pieces.