Abdul Fattah Hamayel, Palestinian chair of the committee of the Deportees and Wanted affairs said the joint Israeli-Palestinian committee is scheduled to meet Monday afternoon.

Hamayel said, the Palestinians invested a serious effort to fulfill its commitments especially in Jericho and Tulkarem, the two cities Israel handed control over to the PA.

"The ball is in Israel’s field now, we will what would the Israelis propose in today’s meeting," Hamayel said, adding that the Palestinians have repeatedly said they are "ready to implement the same measures in every city Israel hands over to the Palestinian authority."

He denied reports claiming that the Palestinian Authority received a list of wanted Palestinians who allegedly received amnesty by Israel. He said, the PA only received a list which contains names of 490 Palestinians from the West Bank, Israel claims they are wanted by its security forces.

The Palestinian Authority started a project to absorb the claimed wanted Palestinians into its security forces, so that they behave only according to direct orders from the PA security officials, and will be bound to PA regulation.