The Palestinian National Information Center reported that the Israeli army killed since the beginning of the Intifada in September 29, 2000, 4032 residents, and injured 44666, excluding 8435 residents who received treatment by field medical teams.

The  total number of Palestinian children killed during the Intifada arrived to 750, in addition to 732 residents, including 262 females, who were killed when the army shelled Palestinian homes.

Also, Israeli soldiers killed 344 members of the Palestinian security, and 817 school students and teachers.

According to the report, the army killed 325 Palestinians in extrajudicial assassinations.

131 residents, including children, aged people and pregnant women, died on military checkpoints after the army delayed the ambulances or cars transferring them to hospitals and medical facilities.

50 residents were killed by settlers, 36 medics were killed by the army, in addition to 36 Civil Defense members, 9 reporters, and 220 athletes.

728 attacks against journalists were reported.

4800 school students were injured after the army fired at schools, or at students on their way to school or back from it.

8500 detainees are still in Israeli prisons, 624 detainees were arrested before the Intifada, 1389 school or university students are still in detention, including 330 children; 196 teachers were also arrested.

Currently, there are 900 detainees suffering from chronic diseases, and 123 female detainees, including 42 who were sentenced, 73 detained without trial, and 8 in administrative detention.

Army shelled residential neighborhoods since October 1, 2001 until April 30, 2005, 31712 times.

The number of homes completely damaged by military shelling and operations arrived to 69843, including 7995 in the Gaza Strip, 63099 homes were partially damaged, including 22897 in the Gaza Strip.

590 public buildings and security facilities were damaged, 12 universities and schools were closed by military orders, 316 schools and buildings which belong to the Ministry of Education were shelled, 43 schools were used by the army as military camps.

Also, Israeli soldiers bulldozed 76867 Dunams of farmlands, uprooted 13555290 trees, and leveled 770 agricultural barracks and agricultural storage rooms, 765 farms, 16 tractors damages, in addition to considerable damages in agricultural gear.

9077 workshops and stores were completely damaged since October 1, 2001.

Also, soldiers bulldozed farms used for livestock, which resulted in killing 899767 chickens used for eating, 350292 chickens used for laying eggs, 12132 cows and sheep, and 15265 bee cells.

Army also bulldozed 403 wells, and 207 homes which belong to farmers.

Number of unemployed residents arrived to 272.000, 26.3%; poverty rate arrived to 67.6%.

Since March, 29, 2003, army annexed 234664 in order to construct the separation wall in the West Bank.