Protesting what they described "ignoring" what is happening in their town, the residents of Beit Hanoun, north of Gaza Strip, erected a roadblock on the main road after Erez’ checkpoint and prevented two Palestinian Ministers from coming into the Strip.

Some gunmen from the town, attempted to prevent both, Intisar Al-Wazeer, Minster of Social Affairs and Na’eim Abul Hummous Minister of Education in the Palestinian Authority from entering the town. They did, however, manage to later get in.

Al-Wazeer said, "a number of the residents of Beit Hanoun have set up a roadblock in which they do not allow PA officials to come into the Gaza Strip accusing the PA of ignoring the town’s suffering."

"We have not been hurt, we are now in Gaza and we know that the Palestinian President Yasser Arafat has made his orders to follow up on the things happening in the Gaza Strip and particularly in Beit Hanoun," she said.

Residents of Beit Hanoun, have also set up a tent where many are staying in protest of the current silence towards what is happening in their hometown, and of destruction that has been going for over a month.

Beit Hanoun has been subject to a major Israeli operation in the past month after Palestinian resistance fighters fired a few Qassam rockets at Sderot outside of the Gaza Strip and killed a man and his 4 year-old son.

The army invaded the town, carried out searches and arrests among the residents and said they would stay there in Beit Hanoun until the resistance stops firing Qassam rockets, especially at Sderot.