The Israeli security establishment will present a revised route of the northwest Jerusalem section of the separation wall to a steering committee headed by Dove Weisglass, the head of the Israeli Prime Minister Bureau on Wednesday.

Representatives of the justice ministry and other legal experts will asses whether the new route matches the criteria set by the Israeli High Court, which earlier disqualified the already established one.

Re-Routing of Jerusalem Separation Wall Plans, Almost Completed

Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz approved Tuesday the new plan for the northwest Jerusalem separation wall, but demanded modifications at ten points along the proposed route of the wall.

Mofaz received the revised plan in a meeting Tuesday with security and army officials. The Israeli defense minister recommended field visits to ensure that the new plan goes in line with the Israeli High Court of Justice ruling.

Earlier in the month, the High Court ordered the dismantling of the wall section around Jerusalem, calling for a re-routing that takes into consideration the devastating living conditions of Palestinians.

Defense ministry sources said Tuesday that Mofaz will soon receive the plan for the southern West Bank section of the wall for approval.

After the defense ministry approval, the alternative plan will be passed to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for final approval.

The planned alternative route proposes to push the wall to the west, closer to the Green Line.

Earlier in the month, The International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued an advisory ruling, considering the West Bank sections of the wall illegal, calling for immediate dismantling, and demanding compensations for Palestinians.

Israel rejected the ICJ ruling, saying that it would only comply to the ruling of the Israel High Court.