The Israeli Army raided the Tulkarem refugee camp in the north west of the West Bank, in the early hours of Wednesday morning. After a curfew was imposed, the army broke into several homes, searching them using them as military posts. One home was detonated.

A local source in Tulkarem said the invasion started at 3 am approximately after encircling the town.

The source added the home that was demolished belonged to Ibrahim Shihada and was located in the "School Neighborhood." The source recounted how the residents were forced out by soldiers and then the explosives left in the house by the soldiers were detonated causing damage to a number of surrounding homes.

The army is also conducted a house-to-house search on dozens of homes causing damage to property and furniture. No arrests, however, were reported.

Meanwhile, soldiers erected a checkpoint at the western entrance of the camp which links it with Tulkarem and banned cars and residents from crossing it.

Soldiers positioned themselves on the tops of tens of homes, using them as monitoring towers and military posts after holding the residents of each home in one room.

The army said that soldiers are operating in the camp in an attempt to arrest activists supposedly wanted for carrying out operations against military targets in Tulkarem and in order to locate weapons hidden in the camp.