Palestinian and Israeli sources reported on Wednesday evening that the summit between the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, and the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas will be held June 21.

The date was set during a meeting on Wednesday evening, between the Palestinian cabinet Minister Saeb Erekat, and Sharon’s counselors Dov Weissglas and Shalom Turjeman.

"I confirm that the meeting is on June 21, we are trying to exert maximum efforts to make the summit a success", Erekat said.

Meetings will between Palestinian and Israeli delegates will be help prior to the Sharon-Abbas meeting in order to follow up the implementation of Sharm al-Sheikh understandings.

Sharon’s office released a statement saying that the officials will meet beforehand in order to discuss the truce agreement, and coordinate the Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip and part of the northern West Bank.

Meanwhile, a source at the Israeli government said that Israel intends to release 400 detainees in order to complete the release of 900 Palestinian detainees as agreed in the Sharm al-Sheikh summit in February 8, 2005.

Israeli suspended the release of the 400 detainees after claiming that the Palestinian Authority did not fulfill its obligations.