In what seems to be a failed assassination attempt, Israeli gun ships fired air-to-land missiles at a car driving on the main road in the southern Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources reported on Wednesday afternoon.
Israeli sources reported that the air strike targeted three men claimed to be Hamas activists in Khan Younis.  Witnesses said an Israeli helicopter fired three missiles at their car.  One of the missiles hit the back of the vehicle, however, the three who were inside managed to escape unharmed and no other injuries were reported.
The Israeli military said the air strike is a response to the latest Qassam shells attacks the Palestinian resistance carried out in the last few days against Israeli settlements.
Two Palestinians and a Chinese man were killed when a one the Qassam shells hit a packing shed near the hothouses in the Gaza Strip settlement of Ganei Tal. Five other Palestinian workmen were injured.
The air strike took place despite assurances that Israel would refrain from retaliating to Tuesday’ mortar attacks at several Israeli targets in order to allow Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas time to restore calm.
The strike is expected to hamper Abbas’s scheduled visit the Gaza Strip today, where he is set to discuss enforcing calm with leaders of Hamas and other Palestinian factions.