Fatah Movement denied Haretz report, which claimed that Palestinian President Yasser Arafat called off the movement internal elections in the Gaza Strip because his supporters were losing.

Sakher Besaso, member of the movement higher committee, called Haaretz report, written by Amira Hass, as baseless lies.

Hass reported Tuesday in Haaretz that Arafat called off elections in Gaza after realizing that his supporters were losing for Mohamed Dahaln’s followers.

Besaso explained that Arafat asked the Gaza head of security Abdul-Razaq Majaydah to ask PA security devices employees to withdraw their names from the candidates’ lists, saying that this is against the movement’s by-laws.

Besaso added that it is a common and true conduct in countries to not allow members of security and military devices ‘people in military uniform’ to run in political elections.

Hass also reported that elections were held in various Gaza regions even after the movement received Arafat’s directions.