Clashes erupted Wednesday morning, between the Political detainees and the administration in Gilboa detention camp, twenty injuries were reported.

Meanwhile, the Prisoners Supporters Society said that the administration banned its lawyers, Shady Younis and Mohammad Abu Raya, from entering the detention under claims that the situation is tensed.

The detention was announced a closed zone for 44 hours while the administration declared “high level of alert, after a soldier guarding in the detention was moderately wounded during the clashes, according to what the Israeli news paper Maariv said on its online edition Tuesday afternoon.

The Palestinian Prisoner Society said the reason behind the clashes continuous and organized assaults, repeated acts of confining the detainees to solitary detention in tiny dirty cells.

The society said added that more than twenty detainees were wounded after army fired gas bombs at them and clubbed a number of detainees during the clashes.

It is worth mentioning that Ha-Gilboa’ detention is part of Shatta detention, and was opened two months ago, and considered one of the most heavily guarded detention camps, surrounded with a 9 meters high.

More than 60 detainees are detained in Gilboa detention, mostly members of Fattah, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad.

The detention is guarded by special military units which received training in north Ireland.

It uses the same entrance of Shatta detention but is controlled by another administration and military units.

Today’s clashes comes only some days after seven Palestinian detainees were assaulted by Israeli prisoners, imprisoned for criminal reasons, in Kfar Yona detention, who poured hot oil on the Palestinian detainees, causing dangerous wounds and skin deformations.

The detainees complain from continuous assaults and bad treatment in addition to continuous violations conducted against them, such as forcing them to take their clothes off before inspection, in addition to inhuman and unhealthy conditions in the detention.


The Prisoners Supported Society warned that the situation in Gilboa is unbearable, and that chances of further confrontations are high, especially with the continuous assaults conducted against the detainees.

The society held the army responsible of any escalation which might occur especially under the current tensed situation, and appealed the international community and humanitarian organizations to interfere and lift the “aggression” imposed on the detainees, and force Israel in order to halt these violations conducted against the detainees.