An Israeli military source reported that Five Israeli soldiers, among them two colonels, were wounded Thursday in clashes with Palestinian resistance in Gaza Strip during an Israeli military operation in Beit Hanoun city north of the strip.

The source claimed resistance fired an anti-tank missile and detonated a roadside bomb near the jeep, close to the Gaza Strip settlement of Morag.

The missile fired at the jeep missed its target and the injuries were caused by the explosive device.

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.

An officer among the wounded is in a serious condition while others suffered light injuries and were evacuated to Soroka hospital in Bir Sheva

Ten Palestinians killed in Beit Hanoun, Army hold 3 Ambulances


A medical source in Beit Hanoun said that soldiers are currently holding three ambulances transferring a number of wounded residents and some humanitarian cases, in AL-Sikka neighborhood in Beit Hanoun.

Meanwhile, the Red Cross spokesman said that the society is currently contacting different sides and trying to co-ordinate with the army in order to release the ambulances.

The spokesman added that a bulldozer which belongs to the Palestinian Ministry of Labor is currently removing some sand barriers from the streets in order to enable the ambulances and cars to leave the area.

An Ambulance driver said that while he was trying to drive through the path opened the bulldozers, soldiers fired several shots at the ambulance, no injuries were reported.

Ten Palestinians killed in Beit Hanoun so far


Palestinian sources reported that ten Palestinians have been reported killed by Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip city of Beit Hanoun Thursday morning.

Medical sources identified some of the dead as; Jameela Hamad, Rami Kafarneh, Na’eem Kafarneh, Hamed Abu Odeh, Nahed Abu Odeh, Yousef Za’aneen, Nasriddeen Abu Harbeed, Zaher Abu Harbeed.

Eyewitnesses in Beit Hanoun said Israeli special units raided their homes and shot them in what seems to be a targeted killing.

Clashes in Beit Hanoun erupted early this morning as the Israeli army is conducting a wide scale military operation, said to be aimed to prevent Palestinian resistancfrom firing Qassam Rockets at Israeli Targets.

Troops positioned in the houses of Abu Musleh Nassar and Abu Jawdat Hamad at the entrance of the city and pushed military enforcement into the city.

The Israeli force sealed the city and did not allow ambulances to evacuate the bodies of the dead.

As well, on Thursday early morning, armored vehicles and heavy bulldozers moved into Khan Younis refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip under heavy machine gun fire. At least two Palestinians were wounded.

Army spokesman said that the operation was aimed at destroying a building.

These Israeli attacks come at a time the Palestinian Authority is pressuring the resistance to stop firing Qassam rockts at Israeli targets in addition to Egyptian effort as well.

Observers said, such attacks may thwart the PA attempts to presuade the resistance to stop attacks.