Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said on Sunday, he is satisfied with the preparations for the intended pullout from the Gaza Strip.  Sharon said that during a visit he had to the areas slated to absorb the evacuees.

He visited Nitzan, Mavki’im, and Carmiya, and other areas along with Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office, Ilan Cohen, and Deputy Director General of the Defense Ministry, Victor Bar-Gil.
Sharon’s comments came following an investigation report by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz saying that relevant government ministries – including the Disengagement Administration – responsible for preparing all matters related to the disengagement plan will not complete their work in time for the pullout.
Currently, the Israeli Housing Ministry is preparing, temporary and permanent living quarters for the northern Gaza Strip settlers, who are mostly secular.
A “caravan” site in Nitzan is being erected by the ministry special for the Gush Katif settlers as a temporary housing site until “the Nitzanim plan” is ready.
In addition, the Housing Ministry has made available apartments for rent in major cities in the south.
Arrangements to absorb settlers students in schools are being made as well, in Asqalan, Ashdod and Be’er Tuvia,
What would put all these preparations in a risk is the refusal of the settlers to cooperate with the relative bodies, or the impossible schedule demands, said Haaretz.
Haaretz also added, settlers who hold agricultural assets have lost the opportunity to relocate elsewhere, and only 30 of 200 families owning agricultural projects who have requested compensation have received it.