Wisam Sahel Qabalan, from Beit Dajan, in the north of the country, was sentenced to 29 consecutive days after rejecting military service for conscious reasons.

“I prefer to be imprisoned rather than serving in the army, this is my decision, I will hold onto it even if they imprison me and practice all sorts of pressures”, Qabalan said. 
This is considered the fourth trial Wisam was sent to after he rejected to report to the Israeli recruitment office for conscious, human and national reasons.
He was imprisoned for 29 days, and shortly after he was released he was called again to report to military service, but he rejected and was sentenced again to 29 days.
During his arrest, Wisam was confined to solitary imprisonment as a means to pressure him, and force him into military service, but he insisted not to serve in an “army which occupies another nation and land”.
“He was relaxed, and happy for rejecting to serve in the army, the army which protects the occupation, he rejects to serve in an army which practices terrorism against the Palestinian civilians”, a family member said.
In spite of the harsh conditions Wisam is going through, his 17-year-old brother received an announcement from the military establishment to report to military service, but he tore it and said that he will continue his study and will not serve in the ‘army of occupation’ even if this will lead to his arrest.