The Tel Aviv District court is expected to rule on the detained US peace activist on Thursday.

It is unclear yet whether the court headed by Judge Oded Modrik will abide by the requests of the Israeli security to expel Anne Robinson-Peter or not.

The New York artist and ISM peace activist Robinson-Peter was refused entry to Israel and was detained at the Ben-Gurion airport for over two weeks.

Robinson-Peter was detained because she refused to leave the country when she was asked to upon her arrival at the airport.

She arrived two weeks ago for a 14-day visit with the intention of filming a video about a 79-year-old Holocaust survivor traveling the country and the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and to take part in demonstrations against the West Bank separation Wall.

Robinson-Peter is represented by attorneys Shamai Leibowitz and Yael Berda.

While she is not being allowed contact with anyone other than her lawyer, the ISM peace activist answered through him why she insisted on staying in Israel despite the considerable discomfort it has involved for her.

‘My client,’ said Leibowitz, ‘refuses to allow the state to impugn her with the stigma of being a terrorist who is involved in hostile terrorist activity, and she is disgusted by the way her activities on behalf of human rights are regarded as a so-called danger to the security of the state. She is fighting to prove that there is nothing wrong with her activities.’

‘The prosecutors wanted the judge to hold a closed door hearing with the Shin Bet representative, without a defense attorney present,’ said Leibowitz.

‘That would be a clear violation of the legal process, since if the state is accusing my client of such grave charges its duty is to present a written statement so we can respond to it.’

Furthermore, the defense asserted that people must not be denied entry into Israel on the basis of their political beliefs. People who are suspected of having any affiliation with Palestinians are routinely interrogated at Ben-Gurion airport regarding their political opinions and affiliations.

The prosecution sought to submit secret evidence on behalf of the State of Israel detailing Robinson-Peter’s participation in activities that allegedly prove her affiliation with terrorist organizations. The defense objected to the submission of such evidence based on the fact that it could not be reviewed by the defendant or her attorneys.

In her personal statement to the court, Robinson-Peter stated: “I hope you will reconsider the decision to not allow me into the country. I believe it is important for me to be here because of the close relationship between Israel and America. I am a member of many peace organizations in the United States. I believe the International Solidarity Movement prevents violence and perpetuates non-violence along the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. ISM volunteers also serve as witnesses with their eyes and cameras. I think it is an important role for civilians to play.”

The ISM is a Palestinian-led nonviolent initiative that is opposing the Israeli occupation in Palestine.

ISM has been targeted by the Israeli security forces. Several activists have been shot, beaten, arrested and deported. Two were killed by the Israeli army. American Rachel Corrie and British Tom Hurndall were both killed in Rafah, in the year 2003.