Islamic Jihad spokesperson Khader Habib revealed Wednesday that resistance leaders and Palestinian Authority officials are discussing halting Qassam’s firing into Israeli areas, confirming that Resistance groups will submit their final decision in few days.

Habib denied any communications with Egypt over this issue.

According to Habib, discussions around preparations for the post Israeli withdrawal are ongoing, and the issue of halting attacks inside Israel is only one of them.

From his side, the Head of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) Rohi Fatouh confirmed that a proposal to halt attacks inside Israeli areas in exchange to an Israeli withdrawal from Beit Hanoun is being discussed with resistance leaders.

While calling for a complete Israeli withdrawal from the entire Gaza Strip, Habib confirmed that resistance leaders are seriously considering the presented proposal.

Israeli operation in Beit Hanoun entered its ninths day. After a series of Qassam attacks at Sderot, which came as a response to a series of army operations against resistance activists, Israel moved forces into Beit Hanoun.

Army sources repeatedly confirmed that troops will stay in Beit Hanoun as long as needed.

Several Qassam attacks at Sderot and neighboring areas continued while army was operating in the northern Gaza Strip region.