The Israeli army distributed leaflets at roadblocks stating that the Palestinian residents are paying the price as a result of the military attacks carried out by the Islamic Jihad against the army and settlers.

The move comes after the Israeli army decided to reactivate the “psychological warfare Unit” which was reestablished earlier this year. 

The leaflet were distributed at roadblocks in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip warning the Palestinian residents that the attacks of the Islamic Jihad would “jeopardize” what was described as “concessions” and work permits granted to the residents.

The leaflets read, “Palestinian civilian. Did you know? Israeli actions for the benefit of the Palestinians since January 2005 include the following: working permits in Israel for more than 6,000 laborers every day, more than 1,000 sleepover permits for laborers in Israel every day”

Also, the leaflets claim that that the Islamic Jihad movement is conducting acts which harm the Palestinian civilians, and all efforts to achieve stability in the region.

“Do not let the Islamic Jihad harm your livelihood, and the future of your children”, the leaflets read.  

On Tuesday, the Israeli army arrested more than 60 members of the Islamic Jihad in the Palestinian territories, following a summit between the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Sharon, acting in accordance to reports from his defense ministry, decided that Israel will resume its attacks against the Islamic Jihad, which will include assassinations, after claiming that the P.A is failing to act against the armed groups.

The psychological warfare unit in the Israeli army targeted resistance groups in many ways. At one time, the army handed out caricatures showing the homemade shells coming back to the Palestinian homes.