For the third day, Israeli soldiers resumed the attacks and military searches in al-sha’rawiyya area, and several surrounding villages, north of the West Bank city of Tulkarem.

A local source in Tulkarem reported that soldiers, supported by armored vehicles, closed Tulkarem, and conducted military searches of homes, forcing the residents out, and interrogated them, especially the youth.

Soldiers broke into the homes of Mirshid Lutfi Kittana, 45, and Saed Rashid Kittana, 35, from al-Nazla al-Sharqiyya village and conducted military searches.

In Allar village, soldiers broke into the homes of Nafeth Mohammad Kharouf, Mortaja Ibrahim Majathba, Mustafa Ahmad Ja’ar, and conducted military searches, damage reported.

Army fired rounds of live ammunition at residents near Allar-Baqa al-Sharqiyya junction, no injuries were reported.

Also, in the village of Atteel, soldiers occupied the homes of Jamil Thiab, and Hilmy al-Fawatih, and used them as military posts and monitoring towers.

Dozens of homes were searched in the village, damage reported.

Soldiers also installed roadblocks on several junctions and roads north and east of Tulkarem, stopped dozens of vehicles and searched them.

Atteel-Dir al-Ghsoun road, Allar-Kafer Ra’ey road, al-Jaroushiyya junction north of Tulkarem were completely closed, in addition to closing the roads which links between the villages of Bazaria and the northern entrance of Rameen, east of Tulkarem.