Thursday night, Israeli soldiers supported by armored jeeps and vehicles invaded the villages of Ithna and al-Sammoa’, near Hebron, conducted military searches of homes, and arrested six residents, one British activists was injured in Hebron after soldiers attacked her in the old city.

A Palestinian security source in Hebron reported that soldiers forced dozens of residents in Ithna and al-Samoa’ out of their homes, interrogated the youth, and arrested six residents.

The arrested residents were identified as Ziad Abdul-Aziz al-Batran, 28, and his brother Omar, 19, Mahmoud Rashid al-Batran, 26, and his brother Malik, 13 years old, all from Ithna, in addition to Ahmad Mohammad al-Mahareeq, 20, and Manee’ Badee’ abu Kas, 17, from al-Sammoa’.

Soldiers occupied several homes in the two villages using them as military posts and monitoring towers.

In a separate incident, a British peace activist identified as Lucy Ashcalen was hospitalized after soldiers attacked, and punched her in the old city of Hebron.

A medical source at Alia hospital, in Hebron, reported that Ashcalen, 24, sustained bruises and concussions to several parts of her body.

Ashcalen, who is volunteering with the Palestine Youth League based in Hebron, was conducting a field visit to the old city of Hebron when the soldiers attacked her.