The Labor Party leadership primaries will be delayed due to irregularities in the registration of party members, the party’s secretary general said Thursday

Earlier, Labor chairman Shimon Peres said he would convene the central committee over the postponement.

‘The high percentage of invalid forms uncovered compels us to carry out a meticulous check … and ensure that none of the invalid forms are included in the register of [party] members,’ said Eitan Cabel, the party secretary general in a press conference in Tel Aviv on Thursday night.

‘The findings of the report are clear, and point to a large number of faulty registration forms,’ Cabel added, predicting that the investigation could take up to two months.

Yet, Peres seems to disagree over the time needed to run the investigation.

On Thursday evening Peres said that he was convinced that if the primaries were postponed by a few months, there would be no Labor Party. He went on to say the registration forms could be checked within 10 days.

Registration irregularities were first revealed by a report published in the news website Arabs48, where few Arab citizens of Israel, who’s names were listed as party members, denied that they ever applied for Labor membership.