According to the settlement council, Some 80,000 pullout opponents have agreed to join a campaign to attempt reaching settlements slated for evacuation after the army closes them off to non-residents.

The campaign is set to start at the beginning of next month, when the northern West Bank settlements slated for evacuation will be closed off.

The settlement council expects non-residents to be barred from the Gaza and West Bank settlements slated for evacuation in the middle of next month.

The Council is asking pullout opponents to reach the settlements by car or foot even at the risk of being arrested.

The ‘engagement march for our brave brethren,’ as the campaign is called, is slated to take place over at least 10 days.

The campaign is designed to pressure Knesset Members to vote in favor of a bill calling for the pullout to be postponed until next year.

The bill, which was submitted by MK Zevulun Orlev (National Religious Party), is set to come up for a vote next month.