Even as the Israeli security establishment has announced it was decided to raid the Maoz Yam Hotel in the Gaza Strip settlement of Neveh Dekalim, police have temporarily frozen any immediate plans for the raid after the information was leaked to settlers and to the press. 

Around 30 families and singles, who have moved to the hotel to express their opposition to the disengagement plan, said Thursday they have begun preparing for an anticipated nighttime raid.

As reports on a possible raid were leaked to the press, dozens of settlers arrived at the hotel on Thursday night to bolster the presence of those already living there.

Consequently, Security sources said police and the military will wait for a suitable opportunity to carry out the raid in the near future.

Based on a security advice, saying that it was better to have the ‘extremist group’ confined in one location, the defense ministry earlier decided not to evacuate settlers and right wing foes from the Hotel at this stage.

Yet, following the Saturday attack, during which several hotel residents assaulted and opened fire on a group of Palestinians from the neighboring Muasi area, wounding four of them, and after the security establishment has learned that the hotel residents are collecting weapons there, police received orders to raid the Hotel and evacuate the settlers.