Collaborators with the Israeli security, living in “al-Daheena” area, residential development built by the Israeli government in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, demanded the Israeli government to evacuate them from the Gaza Strip along with the settlers, and compensate them. 

74 Palestinian collaborators living in a village the army created for them in the southern Gaza Strip, appealed to the Israeli High Court through Israeli lawyers, in order to be evacuated from the Gaza Strip.

The collaborators are Bedouin families from the Sinai desert.

“We served Israel and the Israeli security”, the families’ appeal said, but Israel so far did not negotiate and evacuation related issues with them, in spite that they carry Israeli identity cards.

Over the last several months, Israel has been trying to pressure the P.A in order to keep the collaborators in the Gaza Strip, and guarantee their safety. 

The collaborators fear that if they remain in the Gaza Strip after the Israeli withdrawal, Palestinian fighters and residents will take revenge and kill them. 

Collaborators are behind the arrest of hundreds of Palestinians residents, some are involved in killing fighters or facilitating the military activities which led to assassinating the fighters and activists or arresting them.