Israeli army invading the village of Atteel since one week occupied another home on Friday, raising the number of homes taken over by the military to five homes.

Mohammad Abdul-Qader told the IMEMC that soldiers broke into his home earlier on Friday, and used it as a military post and monitoring tower.

The family is not allowed to, move freely in their home, while the soldiers are using its rooftop to fire at the residents who protest against the military invasion to their village.

Abdul-Qader reported that the youth burnt three military jeeps in the village after the soldiers fired dozens of gas bombs against the residents in several neighborhoods.

Also, soldiers broke occupied the homes of Khalid al-Khateeb, Osama al-Sa’dawi, and Fawzi abu Abwa, using them as monitoring posts and military towers.  

Seven other homes were searched in the village after the army broke into them, damage reported.

The homes belong to Habib Ammous, Mohammad Mustafa Ammous, Majed Ammous, Raouf Ammous, Raghib Ammous, Kamal al-Nimir, and Sha’ban abu Madhi. 

Also, soldiers wired a well which belongs to Sha’ban abu Madhi and detonated it.

The village is still surrounded after the army closed its entrances last week barring the residents from entering of leaving the village, in addition to barring the media and peace activists from entering it.