Friday afternoon, Israeli soldiers attacked a peaceful procession against the Separation Wall in the village of Bel’in, west of Ramallah.

A local source in the Ramallah reported that soldiers attacked dozens of residents, and peace activists, and fired at them using shotgun which fires small rounded metal bullets capable of penetrating the body, and

Fifteen residents and activists were injured, and 13 protesters were arrested, including one Israeli peace activist and two internationals.

The procession was conducted on Friday following the prayers which were conducted at the mosque in the village; the protestors marched towards a construction site of the Wall.

The protestors carried huge posters painted with images of horses, sheep, trees and residents.

“Your wall kills every beautiful thing in our village” was also written on the posters.

A source at the Popular Committee Against the Wall reported that soldiers used in previous protestors a weapon which makes special sound waves making the protestors lose consciousness for a short period.