Two days after 23 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons started a hunger strike, 120 others are planning to join the strike, especially if the Israeli Prison Authority continues to ignore their demands, including implementing what it agreed to in April of this year.

The detainees said that the prison authority continues not only to ignore their demands, but is also refusing to implement what it agreed to this past April, after it agreed to install public phones and to remove phone signal jamming devices, it installed in various prisons, which caused health complications to several detainees.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported, Thursday, that 23 detainees started an open-ended hunger strike two days earlier, after it became clear that Israel is not interested in implementing the agreement which was reached after their strike in April of this year.

The PPS added that it is unlikely that the prison service will agree to the demands in the coming hours, or days, especially since it continues to escalate its violations against them, to force them to stop the strike.

On Wednesday, the detainees gave the Prison Authority 24 hours to respond to their demands, including activating public phones for a trial period of five days, in addition to removing the signal scrambling devices.

The detainees are also demanding the return of the 23 detainees who were transferred from Ramon prison to Nafha, after they started a hunger strike, and to stop the provocative invasions and violent searches of their rooms.

It is worth mentioning that, in April of this year, the detainees carried out a series of protest measures, demanding Israel to stop the installation of the scrambling devices and to start the installation of public phones, and an agreement was reached in this regard.