About 40 tanks and bulldozers invaded Hay Elzaiton at 1 am Tuesday morning with the help of the apaches in the sky. Israeli occupation soldiers took up positions on rooftops at El-Zaiton area, shooting at every moving object.

The operation was going normally like all the invasions which happened in the past. The occupation army started moving after midnight. At the beginning of the invasion many houses were destroyed, four Palestinians were killed and about 40 others got injured . It was a normal operation for the occupation forces until one of their APCs was blown up by the Palestinian resistance.

After the APC was blown up, Gaza city came under the lights of the media because of the six soldiers who were killed inside the APC.

Before that no one mentioned anything about what was going on in Gaza except for the local media.

Why do they consider the Israeli blood as holy blood while the Palestinians blood is cheap?

Didn’t they take the direction to invade Gaza which is a Palestinian land, and don’t we all have the right to defend ourselves?

As with every invasion, the reason behind the occupation forces’ killing of the Palestinians people was the search for tunnels or workshops where the resistance manufactures weapons, they say.

But, like every time, they found nothing. They kill us in the name of ensuring the security of Israelis, and all the world keeps silence when Palestinians die in such invasions, but when we try to defend ourselves and say to the world our blood isn’t cheap we become terrorists and murderers .

Who is the murderer? The civilian who was sleeping when the tanks stopped under his window and woke him up, or the person who drives that tank and kills our people in the name of looking for tunnels and weapons?

Since the beginning of this Intifada the occupation forces are keeping tens of bodies of Palestinian martyrs and they don’t allow their families to bury them.

Why do they have the right to keep our martyrs’ bodies and bury them in secret graves?

Don’t we have the right to take our martyrs’ bodies back if we got the chance?

Why now they are talking about negotiations with the Red Cross?

The Red Cross was unable to serve the people who needed help in their houses. For three days the Palestinians haven’t had power and water and food for children. Five of the martyrs died because the occupation tanks didn’t allow the ambulances to reach them and help them.

A family of 50 members was stuck in a three-floor building. The old men and children and women were not able to leave the and go to a safe area because the tank was barking under their house, children were crying for three days because of the continuous shelling next to their house. This is how the situation was for all the families in Hay Elzaiton.

The invasion in Hay Elzaiton finally ended after sixteen were killed and more than 180 others got injured. The number of martyrs is expected to rise because of the serious casualties. Four of the martyrs were found under their destroyed houses after the invasion was over.

In the time that the army was talking about having a deal with the militants to hand over the remains of six Israeli soldiers who were killed when their armored vehicle was blown up , the occupation army

was destroying some houses in Rafah in the O block, and like the first time the resistance succeeded to blow up another military vehicle.

Later after that when it became clear that five soldiers were killed in that APC, the army gave the people of Block O 2 hours to evacuate the houses. And a few minutes after that, 2 apaches and 2 F-16 planes were flying in the sky of Rafah.

The power went off in the night and every one was expecting the anger of the apaches. It didn’t take much time for the army to take revenge on the civilians as usual. One of the apaches fired two missiles at a crowd of people in Yebna refugee camp, Nine people died and another 10 got injured.

In the morning, when everyone thought that the army will stop the operation for a while, the apaches fired two missiles and hit a crowd of people who were going to see the area of the invasion. That killed another three people and wounded 20.

During the three days of the invasion the apaches fired more than 15 missiles which caused the death of 12 people, and like in Gaza 3 of the martyrs died when the bulldozers destroyed the house over their heads . More than 70 houses have been destroyed in three days, about 500 people became homeless when the occupation destroyed their dream to live in peace and have a house like every one in this world.

Palestinians wants peace, and they don’t want any one to die, but if there must be some people who must die, they don’t want to be the only people to die.