All who believe in peace and peaceful non-violent means to fight injustice should bow in respect to the people of Rafah.

Even while surrounded with death and destruction from all sides, thousand of them stood in active solidarity with Tel-Sultan residents; they divided the little supplies they had, carried food and medical supplies, and marched towards the besieged neighborhood.

Unlike humanitarian aid organizations, simple people, elderly, children, women, and male adults managed to overcome fear and take a courageous step in solidarity with those who suffered.

The determined peaceful demonstrators, even in their worse dreams, never expected to be attacked by air to ground missiles.

It is very likely that most of them were ready to face rubber bullets, tear gas, and even high velocity bullets, but missiles fired at a crowd of thousands was beyond imagination.

Unfortunately, and as dozens were knocked down to the ground, dead or wounded, by the fragments of missiles fired directly at them, they realized how mistaken they were.

Peace makers and promoters of non-violence should feel ashamed as people of Rafah were there and they were not.

It is more honorable for the ones who talk peace, run non-violence training workshops, and shower Palestinians with advised on how non-violence is the way to fight occupiers, to come meet with Rafah’ kids and learn the lesson.

As I looked at the shameful acts of the Israeli army and the courageous and honorable acts of Rafah people, I could not but remember Rachel Corrie, the one who loved the people of Rafah and died with them and for them.

Rachel, you should be proud. Now, not only you, but the whole world has the chance to know who is spreading death and who is defending life.

Bless you peace makers in Rafah.