Palestinian and Israeli sources reported on Saturday that the two sides agreed to close the Rafah Border Crossing in the Gaza Strip for departures and keep it opened to arrivals.

The decision is effective starting from Saturday for a minimum period of one day.

A Palestinian security source said that this decision was taken in order to reduce pressure on the crossing since it became overcrowded after thousands of Palestinians living in the Arabic Gulf and other countries are arriving to spend summer vacation with their families and relatives.

Saleem abu Safiyya, head of the Border Crossings at the Palestinian Authority said that the crossing will remain closed at least for one day since more than 2500 residents have been stuck on the crossing over the last 24 hours after the Israeli side did not allow them in.

The residents cannot return to the Egyptian side of the crossing since the already crossed through the Egyptian side and finalized their needed documents.

The arriving residents had to sleep on the ground and in the busses; some of them were abroad for medical treatment which endangers their health conditions.