The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society appealed today to local and international humanitarian organizations to pressure Israeli authorities to release a sick detainee in Israel’s al-Damoun Prison.

The society reported that detainee Mohammad Mustafa Suleiman Jarrar suffers from continuous headaches and repeatedly loses consciousness, and that his condition is deteriorating. Prison administrators have refused to provide him with medical care.
The society also asked the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders to visit al-Damoun Prison to examine Jarrar and several other ailing detainees who have been denied treatment and medication.
Detainees in prisons across Israel suffer from poor living conditions and lack of medical treatment. Dozens of detainees are in solitary confinement in tiny cells, which are dark and humid.
On June 10, 20-year-old detainee Ali Mohammad abu al-Rub, from Jenin, died in his solitary cell in Rosh Beena Detention Center in the Galilee.
The PPS blamed the Israeli Prison Authorities for abu al-Rob’s death, saying that he was subjected to severe torture and poor living conditions, and called on the Prison Authorities to investigate the case.
Israeli officials claim that abu al-Rub committed suicide. However, no signs of suicide were found on his body.
Earlier on Tuesday, Israeli authorities extended the interrogation period of several detainees from 8 to 28 days, without filing charges against them.
The detainees were identified as Montaser Ahmad Balsha, Samer Yahia Iz ed-Deen, Zaher Khaleefa, Da’aas Mohammad, Wadee’ Hamdan, Omar Yousef, Sami Jarban, Hani Ghwadra, Raed abu al-Haija, Nowras Turkman, and Mohammad Salah.
Also, the al-Jalama and Salim military courts extended the interrogation periods of eight other detainees after barring their lawyer from attending the court session.