Israeli soldiers broke into dozens of Hebron homes early Tuesday morning, conducting searches and arresting three residents, including a child.
The Hebron office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that soldiers arrested Salah Ibrahim Abu Rayya, 13, Hazim Hasan al-Ajazeen, 18, and Marwan Abdul-Mo’ty Hirmas, 29. Hirmas is a resident of Halhoul, north of Hebron.
Israeli soldiers also occupied two homes and used them as military posts and monitoring towers. One of the homes was empty.
A local source in Hebron said soldiers broke into the home of Mousa Ibrahim al-Raj’ey, in the Kanar area, and forced al-Raj’ey and his family into one room.
Soldiers also forcibly entered and searched homes in the village of Doura, near Hebron, and in the Bi’r al-Mahjar area, northwest of the city. The houses belong to Nidal Waleed al-Qawasmi and Nasser and Raed al-Qawasmi, who reported damage to their homes.