Israeli soldiers installed roadblocks around the West Bank city of Jenin Tuesday morning, closing several junctions and conducting military searches.

A local source in Jenin reported that soldiers closed the al-Zawiya junction; Wadi Da’ouq Street between Jenin and Nablus; and the western entrance of the village of Kfeerit, west of Jenin.
The soldiers also blocked a road between the villages of Aqqaba and al-Kafeer, southeast of Jenin, where they held and interrogated dozens of residents.
In a separate incident, military helicopters dropped paratroopers near Raba village, southeast of Jenin, while the army closed roads in the area.
A Palestinian security source in Jenin also reported that soldiers invaded the villages of Kafer Ra’ey, Saida and Allar. The soldiers searched homes and farmlands and blew up several caves and wells in the area. There were no arrests.