Translated by Saed Bannoura  Source: Palestine News Network

The children at Zaboba village, west of the West bank city of Jenin, are back to study on candle lights. Few meters away, settlers kids are enjoying all the essentials and accessories of life. Zaboba, after

loosing its land to the separation wall is denied services, especially electricity..

The land over there, as Imad Jaradat, the head of the electricity society said that Zaboba land always faced expropriations threats. Being close to the Green line, the 18,000 Dunams owned by Zaboba villagers were subject to several expropriation attemps.

Jaradat said “the cancer, the occupations did not leave the village alone… especially on the borders. At one time they erect a settlement and at another a Kibbutz, all on the expense of villagers land, until the village was left with 1000 Dunam only.

But, “The occupation is not satisfied yet”, Jaradat added, “The village is now threatened by the Wall, which took the rest of the remaining land, villagers are left with homes only, no source of living available

“We became prisoners in a small prison, our land is gone, we are banned from working in Israel, the village is left with no land, jobs, or income” Jaradat added.

According to villagers, as they couldn’t pay electricity bills they shifted to generators, but soon did not have money to buy oil. They are back to the 19th century, their streets are dark at nights and their kids are studying on candle lights. Their only fellow in the darkness of the nights is… the moon.

With their debt to the electricity company arriving at 275 thousand Shekels, they approached the Palestinian Authority and the Ministry of Finance several times, but never received a positive reply.

With all the hardships faced, Zaboba villagers are determined to fight for the little land that is left, calling for the help of all who can.

Zaboba kids have the right for education, need to enjoy life, occupiers can expropriate land, the should not be allowed to expropriate childhood.