Hashim Abu Hamdan, 24 years old, from Balata refugee camp in Nablus north of the West Bank, who is wanted to the troops for more than two years, said in a special interview with Arabs48 news website that the resistance will continue against the occupation regardless of pressures and threats. He added that the brigades would use any methods and ways available in order to reach its targets in Israel despite of the Separation Wall.

Hamdan added that all of the security methods which the military and the Israeli intelligence uses will not be able to stop the resistance from reaching its targets amidst the daily killings and destructions carried out by the military against the Palestinian areas on daily basis.

Hamdan pointed out that the resistance does not need a huge finance; meanwhile, Israel recruits thousand of Dollar and Shekels, according to his words, in order to continue its aggression and assassinations.

Talking about Sharon’s plan to evacuate 17 settlements in the Gaza Strip, Hamdan said that this plan is a new proof that resistance is the way to achieve freedom and independence. He added that if the Israeli intentions are serious, it should start evacuating these settlements immediately rather than just talking to the media in order to hide the real hidden intentions of the government. He said that he thinks that Sharon announced this plan in order to achieve some positive publicity prior to his visit to the states and added that the resistance will continue and will use any available method “anytime anywhere” according to his words.

When asked about weapons such as the weapons found in Gaza like Al-Aqsa, Al-Qassam shells and RPJ rockets and mines used to explode huge tanks, Hamdan said that the brigades enough “surprises” for the troops and the settlers and that it will be used in the right time and the right place.

He added that the “killings and assassinations carried out by the military and all kinds of war crimes” carried out by the army, will only motivate the resistance to conduct more attacks elaborating that such kinds of crimes gives the resistance the feeling that there is nothing more to lose.

Talking about truce, Hamdan said that it is possible if there is a real Israeli will, intention and commitment. He added that as long as the military continue its crimes against the Palestinians, there cannot be a truce and that the resistance will continue its activities until the military aggression ends and that there is no force which can stop the brigades from reaching their targets.

Hamdan added that if Israel tries to do any act against Arafat, the brigades would launch what he described as a “real war” adding that the brigades will not recognize any leader or alternative imposed by Israel or the states since, according to his words “Arafat is the only leader”.

During the interview, Hamdan spoke about the security issue in some of the areas especially after the repeated military invasions and the attacks conducted by the army against the Palestinian security establishments. He said that the Palestinian authority and some Palestinian figures hold part of the responsibility, for the lack of security in the areas, pointing out the necessity of differentiating between “the gun which fights and the gun which is used to collect money”, according to his words.

Hamdan demanded that the security establishments, and its official branches, should exert more efforts in order to apply law and order alongside with the private institutions for the best interest of the Palestinian people. He added that the PA should provide jobs to thousands of unemployed Palestinians and find job alternatives instead of working at the settlements, mentioning that “the settlements only be targets for the resistance and bombers” according to his words.