Israeli soldiers based at Beit Eeba checkpoint, west of Nablus, attacked two Palestinian journalists as they headed back to their villages on Thursday evening.

The two reporters were identified as Atef Douglas, from Borqa, and Waddah abu Sha’ar, from Jensafut .

Abu Sha’ar, a journalist working with the Quds Press Agency, said soldiers stopped him and his colleague and attempted to confiscate his camera. They had been covering the Israeli army’s invasion in Nablus following a report that two Israeli soldiers had been abducted and killed there.

“They dragged us away from the people, punched, and clubbed us,” said abu Sha’ar. The soldiers also insulted him when he tried to show them his journalism identity card, he said.

Douglas, who works as a reporter for the Islam Online website, said the soldiers punched him and tried to inspect the files he had on his laptop.

The Palestinian Journalists Bloc condemned the attack against the two reporters as an attack against the freedom of press.

Last week, the group added, a reporter from Hebron was hospitalized after soldiers attacked him at another military checkpoint.